13th Flow offers a unique opportunity for athletes to experience a multi-disciplinary approach to training with a goal of improving sport specific performance.  We apply principles of proper movement mechanics and progressive, balanced strength development, built on a foundation of athlete mindset training--key components of any athlete's training regiment.  Our programs are designed to develop the functional strength, coordination , agility, and conditioning athletes need to maximize their potential.

Addressing imbalances in strength and/or mobility and optimizing movement mechanics are key components of our program.  Athletes with strength deficits will find ways to compensate, often leading to injury or reduced capacity to perform. 13th Flow Sports Performance Training develops balanced strength through a full range of motion, allowing for peak performance and longevity in sport. Maximizing recovery and minimizing injury means more opportunity to develop sport specific skill and is critical to achieve optimal performance.  13th Flow's sports performance programs educate athletes about intelligent recovery practices, keeping them feeling confident on the field and performing well.

13th Flow Sports Performance Training has benefitted athletes in a variety of sports including tennis, football, basketball, track, swimming, baseball, endurance sports, track & field, weightlifting, soccer, mixed martial arts, boxing and gymnastics.  Our fully equipped, thoughtfully designed 9,000 sq ft facility is conveniently located on Chicago's south side.