Kevin’s background in strength and conditioning goes back over 25 years, developing athletes in a variety of settings including collegiate women’s basketball, National level youth track, CrossFit Games, personal and group based training.  Kevin has a unique ability to identify and address strength imbalances and movement inefficiencies that lead to pain and injury, allowing his clients to continue to fully participate and thrive in the activities they are passionate about, whether that be elite athletics or tasks of daily living.

Kevin’s innovative training methods lead to the development of our Foundational Athletic Stability Training (FAST) program, a program born in 2005 out of the need for an efficient way to address the strength development and recovery needs of track athletes.  He is our primary sports performance coach at 13th Flow, preparing athletes mentally and physically for the demands of their sports.

Utilizing his experience as a veteran Detroit Police Department (DPD) SWAT team officer and former head trainer for DPD K9, Kevin serves as a consultant to law enforcement agencies on physical training, de-escalation and tactical operations training and maintenance.  His K9 consultation services include obedience, tracking/narcotics, tracking/explosives, apprehension, protection, single purpose explosives, single purpose narcotics and SWAT entry.

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